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October/November 2018 – the end of another great carping season at Les Lacs du Verger…

November 25th 2018

The end of the season is once again upon us with a spectacular autumnal riot of colour around the lakes… with the leaves rapidly changing the landscape has been stunning! For a few weeks at the beginning of October the warm sunny weather continued, to be fast replaced by the November seasonal morning frosts and

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September 2018 – great catches, big fish and happy times for all at LLdV…fishing is getting better and better!

October 6th 2018

September is proving to be yet another wonderful month for the visiting anglers to Orchard & Willow lakes: more great catches on the banks with more weekly pb’s smashed… often multiple times within the week – tremendous achievements & memories!!! It has been a very inspiring season, so far – following the growth and the quality

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August 2018 – ‘stint of a lifetime’ for anglers after a long 24+ hour journey across three countries & channel hopping twice to visit LLdV!!!

September 5th 2018

After the exceptionally hot and lazy summer so far a welcome slightly cooler spell is finally upon us, and the fish have certainly been getting more and more active in both Orchard and Willow lakes this month. August has certainly been a productive month all round at LLdV, for new guests and of course our

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June & July 2018 – soaring temperatures, good fishing and great company for the summer at Les Lacs du Verger…

August 6th 2018

June & July really are lovely months to be fishing in France, with a real summer holiday party atmosphere. The fishing can be slow at times especially during the heat of the day, but there is always a chance… and the odd isolated summer shower can certainly bring a welcome flurry of activity! The temperatures

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May 2018 – spring bursts forth at LLdV with some fantastic fishing to keep the anglers busy!

June 19th 2018

May – what a fantastic month! If only we had the month of May all year round to enjoy nature’s dramatic bursts of spring colour, following the long winter shutdown. Blossom, followed by the annual abundance of delicious cherries, have swamped the trees in the Orchard, and the irises have provided a fabulous pop of

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April 2018 – Orchard & Willow lakes spring into action!

May 20th 2018

April weather this year certainly has been very changeable but conditions slowly improved as the month progressed. The fishing also improved despite the dramatic changes of temperature on an almost daily basis. Orchard lake continued to surprise everyone with bumper hauls of 40’s and great fighting carp mid to upper 30’s. And, for several elated

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