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Orchard Lake

Orchard Lake is tree lined for total privacy and since its original opening in 2003 has won the acclaim of offering one of the best opportunities for landing not only large carp but large catches too! Many have achieved their personal best time and again on this water which is estimated to hold 250+ carp between 20 and 56lbs+ with an average weight of 33lb+, grass carp 24-45lbs.

The lake itself in just under five acres but will comfortably accommodate five anglers offering the opportunity to move around and change swims if you are looking for a change of scenery. The lake is gravel bottomed with an average depth of six foot with marginal depths to around four foot and the lake has three islands, secluded reedy bays and some deep marginal areas.   The lake has a high stock level of quality fish providing ample opportunities for a successful weeks fishing.

Orchard Lake Pricing

up to 4 anglers at £1300.00
5 anglers at £1500.00
Maximum of five anglers.